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Fort Lauderdale Trusts Attorneys

At Rivera Aguilar Law Firm, P.A, we are committed to helping clients with all of their estate planning needs. Some of the most common legal services we provide for clients in Fort Lauderdale is creating and administering trusts for estates. If you want to make sure your wealth and assets are properly managed by your heirs and other beneficiaries, you need to consult with our lawyers to discuss your legal strategy.

What Is a Trust?

When you create a trust, you are establishing a fiduciary relationship with another party where you give them the legal authority to oversee how your assets are distributed to beneficiaries you have selected. The two most common types of trusts used for estate planning are living and testamentary trusts.

We can assist you with the following types of trusts:

  • Living Trust
  • Revocable Trust
  • Testamentary Trust
  • Irrevocable Trust
  • Special Needs Trust
  • Asset Protection Trust
  • Constructive Trust
  • Spendthrift Trust
  • Totten Trust
  • Tax By-Pass Trust

Do I Really Need a Trust?

If you don’t take the time to create the right type of trusts, you won’t be able to transfer all of your wealth to your loved ones after you pass away. Our lawyers know how important your legacy is, which is why we want to make sure your assets are correctly distributed and your wishes are carried out after you are gone.

Are you ready to add a trust to your estate plan? Then contact our legal team today to speak with an experienced lawyer about the types of trusts you need to protect your interests. Call (954) 909-0117 to schedule your appointment today.

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