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Set Up a Special Needs Trust in Fort Lauderdale

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Families with special needs can take advantage of an important estate planning tool called a special needs trust. Whether you have a disabled child or an incapacitated elderly parent, you may be able to establish financial security for your loved one with this kind of trust. You can count on Fort Lauderdale trusts attorney Wendy Rivera to help you establish a trust that will serve your needs effectively.

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The Benefits of a Special Needs Trust

A special needs trust is a way to provide ongoing funds for a disabled individual without forfeiting their public benefits. A disabled individual who receives $3,000 from Social Security Disability Insurance and Medicaid each month to pay for therapy and medications would stop receiving that assistance if they were to inherit $100,000 or to win that much from a personal injury settlement. But in less than three years, that money would be spent on those same health care costs, and they would have to apply for public benefits again.

If a disabled person receives an inheritance or settlement that would otherwise exclude them from receiving benefits, those funds can instead be set aside in a special needs trust. The trust allows the individual access to some money, helping with expenses not covered by Medicaid or other public assistance, and the inheritance or settlement isn’t quickly eaten up by medical costs.

Special needs trusts can help:

  • Children disabled from birth
  • Children disabled by an accident or some other occurrence
  • Disabled adults living in skilled nursing facilities

A Complex Issue

There are many factors that can complicate a special needs trust. Whether the disabled individual earned the funds directly or received the funds as a gift will affect the type of trust that must be made. An individual or trust company may be put in charge of a personal special needs trust, but there are also “pooled” trusts run by not-for-profit companies in which people may have individual accounts in a larger trust. In each case, the terms of the trust must be drafted carefully to fully comply with Florida laws.

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Anyone wishing to set up a special needs trust in Fort Lauderdale or Kissimmee needs a careful, practiced attorney to make sure it is done properly. Let Rivera Aguilar Law Firm, P.A. help you care for your loved ones for years to come.

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